About us

Nothing is like yesterday anymore, questions change, so do answers. Fashion is part of the system and the offer multiplies itself, enriching with ideas and concepts. The shopping experience starts to change: the store becomes a sort of art gallery where people come in to buy, but also to be conquered by the surroundin beauty. This is the starting point of ZO et LO philosophy: two concept stores in San donà di Piave (VE), one for man, the other one for woman.

In the world of fashion nothing is casual or borns randomly, nothing comes without research or without a bold entrepreneurship that believes in the project or an idea, and works to make it grow, improve, be always in line with customers' tastes, even anticipating their requests or trends.

ZOetLO UOMO_01_1159x496.jpg

Fashion proposal is completed by a third concept store: Loft, a fashion store that immediately imposes a new character that breacks with the past. Loft quickly becomes an innovative landmark for young people, for which fahion is mainly linked to sport and streetwear worlds, and it's oriented to limited edition models.

International and research brands, limited editions sneakers and shoes, innovative materials and artistic perfumes: this is ZO et LO and Loft world.